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HiPure Plasmid Mini Kit II

P100202 HiPure Plasmid Mini Kit II 50 preps $60.00
P100203 HiPure Plasmid Mini Kit II 250 preps $273.00


The HiPure Mini system provides a fast, simple, and cost-effective plasmid DNA miniprep method for routine molecular biology laboratory applications. HiPure Plasmid Mini Kits use silica membrane technology to eliminate the cumbersome steps associated with loose resins or slurries. Plasmid DNA purified with Mini Kits is immediately ready for use. Phenol extraction and ethanol precipitation are not required, and high quality plasmid DNA is eluted in a small volume of Tris buffer or water.



Features Specifications
Main Functions Isolation up to 70μg plasmid DNA from 5-15ml bacterial culture
Applications Enzyme digestion, sequencing, PCR, cloning, etc.
Purification method Mini spin column
Purification technology Silica technology
Process method Manual (centrifugation or vacuum)
Sample type Conventional plasmid, plasmid less than 30KB
Sample amount

High copy plasmid: 1-5ml culture medium

Low copy plasmid : 5-10ml culture medium

Yield 20-80µg
Elution volume 75μl
Time per run Complete 1-24 samples in 30 minutes
Liquid carrying volume per column 800µl
Binding yield of column 70µg


The HiPure Plasmid procedure is based on alkaline lysis of bacterial cells followed by adsorption of DNA onto silica in the presence of high salt. The unique silica membrane used in the kit completely replaces glass or silica slurries for plasmid DNA minipreps. The procedure consists of 3 basic steps: Preparation and clearing of a bacterial lysate by alkaline method,then transfer the supernatant to column to bind DNA. After washing proteins and other impurities, nucleic acid was finally eluted with low-salt buffer (10mm Tris, pH9.0, 0.5mm EDTA).


  • High purity - purified plasmid can be directly used in sequencing, enzyme digestion and PCR, etc.
  • Fast - it takes only 2 minutes to obtain supernatant by optimized solution (10 minutes for other brands)
  • High yield - up to 70µg plasmid can be binded in one column

Kit Contents

Contents P100202 P100203
Purification Times 50 Preps 250 Preps
RNase A 5 mg 20 mg
Buffer P1 30 ml 140 ml
Buffer P2
30 ml
140 ml
Buffer P3
40 ml
200 ml
Buffer PW1
30 ml
140 ml
Buffer PW2* 12 ml 50 ml
Elution Buffer 15 ml 30 ml
HiPure DNA Mini Columns III 50 250 ml
2 ml Collection Tubes 50 250 ml

Storage and Stability

The kit components can be stored dry at room temperature (15-25°C) and are stable for at least 18 months under these conditions. If any precipitates form in the buffers, warm at 37 to dissolve. After addition of RNase ABuffer P1 is stable for 6 months when stored at 2-8°C.

Purchase Guide


Sample amount

Column type

Elutio volume


Time per run

Centrifuge requirements
HiPure Plasmid Mini Kit P1001 1-5ml 1.5ml column 30-50μl


≤30 minutes small centrifuge
HiPure Plasmid Mini Kit II P1002 5-15ml 1.5ml column 75-100μl


≤30 minutes small centrifuge
HiPure Plasmid Plus 96 Kit P1006 1-1.5ml 96 well plate 70-150μl


≤60 minutes 96 well plate centrifuge
HiPure Fastfilter Plasmid Midi Kit P1013 30-50ml 15ml column 0.3-0.8ml


60 minutes
15ml centrifuge
HiPure Fastfilter Plasmid Maxi Kit
50ml column


60 minutes
50ml centrifuge


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