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Magen Biotech is a biotechnology company with 10+ years of experience in biotech product manufacturing.

We focus on providing superior DNA & RNA extraction solutions with over 500 products. As one of the top biotech firms in China, we have supplied over 200,000,000 prep kits globally.

Magen specializes in nucleic acid purification products. We focus on life science research and human health domain, including Cancer research, NIPT, Forensic detecting, Infectious diseases prevention and Environmental testing. We also offer automated extraction machines.

Over 80% of biotechnology products from Magen Biotech show excellent performance compared to other top brands.

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We offer over 500 biotechnology products for sample collection, preservation, nucleic acid purification, and automation. As a leading biotech firm, we provide high-quality solutions to clinical users, researchers, biotech firms, agricultural applications, and government departments. MagPure holds a 70% share of the Chinese non-invasive prenatal testing market with its circulating DNA kits. HiPure circulating DNA kit is popular worldwide.
Magen Biotech Company is more than just a biotech product manufacturer. Our vision is to advance the entire nucleic acid isolation and purification field and human health. Learn more about the industry's latest news on biological sample preparation and nucleic acid extraction.
  • Magen is looking for international distributors for long term cooperation. Feel free to contact us if you have interest: Vivian Fang Email: Tel: +86 20 3855 5004 Cell: +86 1363 2260 857( What's app/Wechat)

    2024 04-07
  • Select the right purification kit to get impactful results

    2023 07-27
  • Magen products have been used in over 2500 articles, with total IF up to 12000+!

    2022 10-12
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