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Magen's quality management system focuses on the following five aspects

1. Person (core position):

l Perfect training system, create learning organization

l Market competitive welfareshare the company's growth achievements with employees

l An orderly assessment and incentive system of reward and punishment

l Separation of incompatible duties

2. Equipment:

l Equipment selection meets the production needs, continuously tests and selects the best equipment

l Operators are trained according to the performance and operation requirements of equipment

l Confirm the status and performance of the equipment according to certain standards before and after use, find out the equipment abnormalities as soon as possible, and prevent the unexpected use of the equipment

l According to the characteristics of the equipment, the equipment shall be overhauled and maintained at a certain time interval

3. Material:

l Test raw materials from different suppliers to seek the best product quality

l Special department are responsible for procurement, regularly evaluate the raw material quality of suppliers, and manage according to the supplier management card

l All raw materials must be sampled by the inspection department to ensure the quality

l The use of raw materials shall be in strict accordance with the instructions and specifications, pay attention to the cooperation with the equipment and the interaction with other raw materials

l Raw materials shall be stored in strict accordance with the storageconditions, and attention shall be paid to check whether they exceed the shelflife

4. Method:

l Prepare detailed and easy to understand operation instructions for each post to ensure that employees fully understand the production process

l Prepare inspection instructions to guide the inspection of all aspects of company operations such as raw material purchase, production process and product delivery. Special departments are responsible for quality inspection

l Prepare machine operation instructions to reduce the probability of machine damage and achieve the maximum utilization rate of the machine

5. Environment:

l 5S

A. Sorting outSEIRI: Separate the useful and useless matters and things then handle the useless

B. Getting orderSEITON: Arrange useful things in “proper order” and “pre-defined quantity” to reduce searching time

C. Cleaning upSEISO: Keep working environment and equipment clean and tidy

D. StandardizationSEIKETSU: Define standards on the basis of the improved condition

E. DisciplineSHITSUKE: Cultivate good habits, manners and obey rules, keep defined standards and constantly improve them

l Production environment: Control of temperature, humidity and sterile environment according to production conditions in the specific production process

l Be strict in dangerous goods management

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