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Featured Blood DNA kit recommendRelease date:2022-10-31

Featured product recommend:

D3111 HiPure Blood DNA Mini Kit


HiPure Blood DNA Mini Kit provides fast and easy methods for purification of total DNA for reliable PCR and Southern blotting. Total DNA(e.g., genomic, viral, mitochondrial) can be purified from whole blood, plasma, serum, buffy coat, bone marrow, other body fluids, lymphocytes, cultured cells. With the advantages of high qualty and stability, it has been used in many core articles and journals, including:


Targeting herpes simplex virus with CRISPR–Cas9 cures herpetic stromal keratitis in mice


Mendelian randomization analyses support causal relationships between blood metabolites and the gut microbiome


M-GWAS for the Gut Microbiome in Chinese Adults Illuminates on Complex Diseases

【Cell Discovery】

A genome-wide association study for gut metagenome in Chinese adults illuminates complex diseases

【Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology】

Novel Homozygous PADI6 Variants in Infertile Females with Early Embryonic Arrest

【Frontiers in Pharmacology】

CYP2A6 and GABRA2 Gene Polymorphisms are Associated With Dexmedetomidine Drug Response

HiPure Blood DNA Mini Kit

D301802 HiPure Blood DNA Mini Kit 50 preps $99.00
HiPure Blood DNA Mini Kit
250 preps

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