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High throughput solution for Sanger sequencing sample

Release date:2015-05-01

Expert in Biological Sample Preparation

High throughput solution for Sanger sequencing sample

--- Solutions for plasmid extraction/ gel recovery / product purification ---

Ⅰ. Related Products

Method Extraction Type Cat. No. Product Name Purification Times Price Sample Price/test
Magnetic Method Plasmid isolation P181104 MagPure Plasmid Mini Kit 5000 Preps $2,152 1-3ml bacterial fluid $0.43/test
Gel recovery D500103 MagPure DNA Clean Up Kit 5000 Preps $3,232 <300mg gel $0.64/test
PCR product recovery D500103 MagPure DNA Clean Up Kit 5000 Preps $3,232 10-100μl product $0.64/test
PCR product selective recovery BxP-500 MagPure A3 5000-10000 Preps $2,468 10-100μl product $0.24~$0.49 /test
BigDye removal BCS--500 CleanSeq Beads 100000 Preps $2,735 5μl product $0.27/test
Column Method Plasmid isolation P100103 HiPure Plasmid Mini Kit 250 Preps $149 1-5ml bacterial fluid $0.59/test
Gel recovery D211103 HiPure Gel DNA Mini Kit 250 Preps $150 <500mg gel $0.60/test
PCR product recovery D212103 HiPure PCR Pure Mini Kit 250 Preps $150 20-100μl product $0.60/test
Magnetic Method Accessories 96 well plate magnetic strand MS96 Magnetic Strand for Plate $277
10 well plate magnetic strand MS10 Magnetic Strand for 2ml microcentrifuge Tube $146
2ml deep well plate C15100 2ml 96 Deep Well Plate $3.12

Excellent performance and cost effectiveness!!!

Ⅱ. High throughput manual isolation operation mode

Recommended allocation for manual isolation of 10 x 96 plasmids in one day:
1.Personnel: 2-3 [two people for sample pretreatment in the morning, other people and time for extraction]
2. Equipment: 2 x IKA MS3 oscillators, 3 x 96 well magnetic strands, 2~3 x Pipettor (8 or 12 channels)
The main work includes: add liquid, oscillation, absorb magnet on the magnetic strand, remove waste solution and dry

Ⅲ. Experiment Data

Results of PCR product selective recovery by magnetic bead method (BXP) :

[50bp, 100bp, 150bp, 200bp, 250bp highlight, 300bp, 400bp, 500bp]

10μl 50bp DNA Marker was diluted to 100μl with TE Buffer, recovered by different volumes of BXP1 and then dissolved in 10μl Buffer TE. The obtained DNA was analyzed by electrophoresis. Results showed that small fragments of DNA could be selectively removed by adjusting the amount of BXP1. This product can effectively recover some complex PCR products, such as PCR products with serious primer dimer, or PCR products with sundries far from the target band, which can effectively reduce the samples that need to be recovered by gel and improve the work efficiency.

Guide for selective recovery:

• BXP:0.6-0.7x: remove fragments <500bp
• BXP:0.8-0.9x: remove fragments <250bp
• BXP:1.0-1.2x: remove fragments <200bp
• BXP:1.3-1.5x: remove fragments <150bp
• BXP:1.6-2.0x: remove fragments <100bp

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