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MagPure Viral DNA/RNA Kit IVD5412

IVD5412 MagPure Viral DNA/RNA Kit 200 preps $199.00


This product is suitable for extracting total viral nucleic acid from cell-free/low-content cell biological samples such as body fluids, serums, plasma, soaking solutions, tissue homogenate supernatant, and culture supernatant. The Purified DNA/RNA is used for RT-PCR and PCR detection.



Features Specifications
Main Functions Extract viral DNA/RNA from200μl samples by magnetic beads
Applications RT-PCRPCRNGS
Products Viral DNA / RNA, body cell DNA / RNA
Purification method Polydisperse magnetic beads
Purification technology Magnetic beads technolog
Process method Manual or automatic
Sample type
Sample amount 200μl
Adaptive instrument
Nucleic acid extractor, pipetting workstation
Elution volume
Time per run
Liquid carrying volume per column
Binding yield of column


This product is based on the purification method of high binding magnetic particles. The sample is lysed and digested under the action of lysate and Protease. DNA/RNA is released into the lysate. After adding magnetic particles and binding solution, DNA/RNA will be adsorbed on the surface of magnetic particles, and impurities such as proteins will be removed without adsorption. The adsorbed particles were washed with washing solution to remove proteins and impurities, washed with ethanol to remove salts, and finally DNA/RNA was eluted by Nuclease Free Water.


  • Fast - several samples can be extracted in 40 minutes by column method
  • High quality - high purity total RNA / DNA can be directly used in various sensitive downstream applications
  • Safe - no phenol chloroform extraction required
  • Sensitive - DNA/RNA can be recovered at the level of PG

Kit Contents

Contents IVD5412
Purification Times 200 Preps
MagPure Particles N 5 ml
PK/Carrier RNA 50 mg
Protease Dissolve Buffer Blue 5 ml
Buffer MLB
120 ml
Buffer MW1
53 ml
RNase Free Water
30 ml

Storage and Stability

This kit is shipped and stored at room temperature and is valid for 12 months.

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