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Poly A Carrier RNA

C12110 Poly A 310 μg $32.00
C12111 Poly A 1 g $442.00
Poly A
310 μg-1 mg $42.00


Poly A, polyadenylate, is a mixture of 100-10000 polyadenylates, which is polymerized by polynucleotide phosphorylasein vitro. In vivo, poly (a) is added to the 3-terminal of mRNA by enzyme to improve the stability of mRNA. In the application of nucleic acid extraction, adding poly A to the lysate or binding solution can improve the yield of DNA and RNA. The mechanism of poly A improving the yield of nucleic acid is as follows:

1. Saturated contact with the surface adsorption of articles. Most polypropylene articles have static electricity on the surface, which will adsorb nucleic acids. Carrier RNA can saturate these adsorption effects and reduce the loss of target nucleic acids.

2. Inactivate trace nucleases: There are various nucleases in biological samples and environment. Poly A can inactivate trace nucleases in the extraction or preservation steps to improve the yield and stability of target nucleic acids.

3. Coprecipitation: In the nucleic acid purification step of alcohol mediated precipitation or binding, poly A can coprecipitate with the target nucleic acid or form polymerparticles to improve the recovery.



Features Specifications
Appearance White lyophilized powder
Purity 99%
Molecular Weight 700-3500 KDa
Transportation conditions Room Temperature
Storage conditions -20-8°C, dry storage, long-term storage should be placed at -20°C.
Usage method
Take an appropriate amount of lyophilized powder, add DEPC treated water or guanidine salt solution to dissolve it into 0.1-1μg/μl, and then subpack it and store it at -20°C.

1. Virus DNA/RNA extraction: adding 1-5μg Carrier RNA to the lysate can improve the yield of RNA/DNA, stabilize the target nucleic acid and avoid the degradation of the purified nucleic acid during storage.

2. In the micro DNA/RNA extraction by column membrane method (<1μg), adding carrier RNA to 1-5μg is conducive to improve the yield of nucleic acid.

3. In the alcohol mediated nucleic acid precipitation and concentration step, the addition of 1-2μg carrier RNA is helpful to improve the recovery of short segment RNA.

4. In the quantitative probe PCR reaction solution, adding 10-100ng carrier RNA to the reaction solution is helpful to improve the sensitivity and reduce the CT value.


  • No pollution - no DNase and RNase pollution
  • High purity - no PCR/ RT-PCR inhibition
  • High degree of polymerization - 80% polymer is 100-2000nt
  • No human - source DNA, no novel coronavirus pollution

Ordering information

Contents C12110
C12111 C12112
Poly A, Lyophilizate 310μg/Tube
2g/Bottle 100-1000μg/Tube, customized


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