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MagMix 96 Nucleic acid Extractor

MagMix 96
MagMix96 MagMix 96 Nucleic acid Extractor 96channels Inquiry


MagMix Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System is the equipment for DNA/RNA extraction from biological samples. The system operates automatically by moving magnetic rods and disposable tips, to complete the process of sample lysis, nucleic acid adsorption, wash and elution. It can process 1-96 samples at one time, meeting different sample amount requirement. It can be used with single reagent tube consumable to prevent the waste of consumables.

The system is compatible with different reagents for DNA/RNA extraction from animal, plant, food, pathogen, and clinical samples. It is applicable for use in multiple fields, for example, clinical test, scientific research, genomic analysis, centers for disease control, food safety and forensic identification.




Features Specifications
Principle Extraction by magnetic beads
Throughput 1-96 samples and single sample
Process Volume
20-1000 μl
Sample Volume 500 μl
Plate types 96 deep well plate
Magnetic Rods 96 rods
Purification accuracy 102 copies/ml samples positive rate>98%
Stability Cv<1%
Heating function Heating holders are provided at 1st and 6th lines (can be customized)
Mix by vortex
11 different mixing modes (1 - 10 speed levels)
Magnetic bead size
>100 nm
Open platform for magnetic bead methods
User interface
7 -inch color touch screen
Storage capacity
Up to 1000 programs
Protocol management
Create, edit, delete, copy, output by USB
UV light
Exhaust Mode
Induced fan
Running time
1-60 minutes(Depends on program setting)
55 KG
600mm X 500mm X 500mm


By controlling the magnetic rods, the system can transfer the magnetic beads and disposable tips to mix the solutions. Samples are lysed, and then the nucleic acids are adsorbed to magnetic beads, then washed and eluted to produce the high-quality nucleic acids.

The magnetic bead method has the advantage of high automation, efficient extraction, stable results and easy operation. It is more flexible operation by using single tube consumables.


  • Automated & High throughput - full automation, up to 96 samples can be processed at one time, 4-5 times more efficient than manual method.
  • High efficiency - the optimization of full magnetic rod and amplitude adjustment technology can easily deal with various small magnetic beads to achieve no hanging or residue.
  • Standard - multiple running programs can be edited as needed and a large storage core is provided to ensure the unity of experimental conditions.
  • Intelligent - flexible throughput can meet different needs of extraction while unique UL design of control panel can display the operating parameters at one time, easy to understand and operate.
  • Precise temperature - fully contact between the deep well plates and heating modules, leads to a precise and stable temperature within each well, resulting in a high efficiency of sample lysis and nucleic acid elution.
  • Safe - disposable tips and built-in UV radiation lower the safety risk of operation, and avoid the aerosol contamination between each run.

Purchase Guide

Item No. Consumables

Extraction mode

Plate/Strip amount

Hole/Plate position

Sample amount

Sample volume

Process Volume

MagMix 16
96 well plate Single plate, 16 samples/plate

1 plate

6 hole position 16
<800μl 1ml
MagMix 32
96 well plate Single plate, 16 samples/plate

2 plates

6 hole position 32
<1ml 1ml
MagMix 48
96 well plate Single plate, 16 samples/plate

3 plates

6 hole position 48
<500μl 1ml
MagMix 96
96 well plate Multiple plates, 96 samples/plate

6 plates

6 hole position 96
<500μl 1ml

MagRotex 8
Reagent strip Reagent strip

8 strips

7 hole position 8
0.2-1ml 4ml
MagRotex 32
Reagent strip Reagent strip

32 strips

7 hole position 32
0.2-4ml 4ml
MagMix 32B
48 well plate Single plate, 8 samples/plate

4 plates

6 hole position 32
<750μl 1.5ml
MagMix 48B
48 well plate Multiple plates, 48 samples/plate

6 plates

6 hole position 48
<750μl 1.5ml

MagMix 12
24 well plate Single plate, 4 samples/plate

3 plates

6 hole position 12
<2ml 5ml
MagMix 24
24 well plate Multiple plates, 24 samples/plate

6 plates

6 hole position 24
<2ml 5ml
MagRotex 24
Reagent strip Reagent strip

24 strips

6 hole position 24 2ml-4ml 7ml
MagRotex 24 Plus
Reagent strip Reagent strip

24 strips

9 hole position 24
2ml-9ml 10ml


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