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MagBind Particles

C14130 MagBind Particles 10 ml $300.00
C14131 MagBind Particles 100 ml $2,400.00


Magnetic bead nucleic acid purification technology uses nano or micron superparamagnetic material as the matrix, generally black ferric oxide or yellowish brown ferricoxide as the magnetic material. The surface of bead is coated with appropriate functional groups, which can adsorb nucleic acid. Magnetic beads commonly used for nucleic acids, containing carboxyl groups, hydroxyl groups, or silicon groups. Silicon-based magnetic beads are the most common, and its principle of adsorbing nucleic acid is consistent with the classical glass milk purification technology or glass fiber filter membrane purification method. Magpure particle is a kind of polydisperse fast speed silica magnetic beads. The core is ferricoxide, accounting for 50%, and the surface coating is silica, accounting for 50%. The product can be used for plasmid extraction, gel DNA recovery, product purification, genomic DNA and RNA extraction, and viral nucleic acid extraction.



Features Specifications
Concentration 10 mg/ml
Appearance Suspension of yellowish brown particles
Surface functional group Carboxyl, COOH
Dispersibility Monodisperse, spherical
Particle size 0.8-1 μm
Preservation conditions

Room temperature, valid for up to 2 years.

It is recommended to store in 2-8°C to prevent microbial growth.

Magnetic response speed
120 seconds
Settling velocity
>2 hours
High salt mediated binding
No adsorption
Alcohol mediated binding
1M NaClO4/ethanol(50%), DNA/RNA recovery up to 90%
PEG8000 mediated binding
The recovery of DNA/RNA was up to 90%
Not detected
DNA residue
Not detected
Recommended application
Plasmid extraction, gel DNA recovery, genomic DNA extraction and RNA extraction.


Highsalt mediated binding: in the solution containing 2-4M guanidine isothiocyanate, Magpure particles can selectively recover DNA molecules, and impurities such as protein polysaccharides are not adsorbed.

Alcohol mediated binding: in the solution containing guanidine salt and alcohol (>25%), Magpure particles can selectively recover DNA/RNA molecules, and proteins and other impurities are not adsorbed.

After biological samples are treated with digestive solution or lysis Buffer, DNA/RNA is released from cells, organelles and protein complexes (ribosomes and nucleosomes) into reagents. After Magpure particles and binding solution are added, DNA/RNA is adsorbed to the surface of Magpure particles to form DNA/RNA bead complex. Under the action of the magnetic field, the magnetic beads are separated and collected, and the impurities such as protein are removed with the waste liquid. After two or three steps of further cleaning, the DNA/RNA magnetic bead complex is resuspended in sterilized water or TE buffer, and the DNA/RNA falls off from the surface of the magnetic beads, so as to achieve the purpose of purification.

Ordering information

CAT.No. Product Name
MagBind Particles
10 ml
MagBind Particles
100 ml

Purchase Guide

Features MagPure Particles

MagPure Particles N

MagPure Particles G

MagPure Particles F

MagBind Particles
C1410 C1411


C1414 C1413
100mg/ml 70mg/ml


50mg/ml 10mg/ml
Amorphous and Porous Amorphous and Porous


Amorphous Nonporous
Surface function
Si-OH, Silica Beads Si-OH, Silica Beads

Si-OH, Silica Beads

Si-OH, Silica Beads COOH, Carboxyl Beads
Polydisperse Polydisperse


Monodisperse Monodisperse
Particle Size
1.5-5μm 0.2-2μm


0.2-1.5μm 0.8-1μm
Black Yellowish Brown

Dark Brown

Dark Brown Yellowish Brown
Magnetic response
15-30s ~60s


20s 120s
Settling Time (1ml)
>5min >10min


>3min >2h
Usage (0.2ml Sample)
20μl 20μl


20-30μl 20-30μl
DNA Recover Rate (only 4M GITC)
>80% >80%


>80% 0
DNA Recover Rate (10% PEG8000/NaCl)
>85% >85%


>85% >90%
Recommended Use
  • gDNA/RNA Isolation from Blood, Tissue, Plant, Swab, Spots, Stool, Soil and etc.
  • Viral DNA/RNA Isolation
  • Agarose Gel DNA Purification
  • DNA/RNA Isolation from low nucleic acid content samples
  • Plasmid Isolation
  • DNA/RNA Clean Up
  • Circulating DNA Isolation
  • Viral Nucleic acid Isolation
  • gDNA Isolation
  • FFPE DNA/RNA Isolation
  • Plasmid extraction
  • gel DNA recovery
  • genomicDNA/RNA extraction
  • viral nucleic acid extraction
  • Circulating DNA extraction
  • DNA/RNA Clean Up and concentration
  • DNA/RNA Isolation from low nucleic acid content samples
  • Research immuno assays

  • The MagPure magnetic-particle technology combines the speed and efficiency of silica-based DNA purification with the convenient handling of magnetic particles. DNA binds to the silica surface of the magnetic particles in the presence of a chaotropic salt. DNA bound to the particles is then efficiently washed, considerably improving the purity of DNA. High-quality DNA is eluted. The automated purification procedure completely removes enzymes, nucleotides, and other contaminants and inhibitors. Purified DNA is suitable for direct use in downstream applications, such as sequencing and microarray analysis.


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