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HiPure Tissue&Blood DNA 96 Kit

D311701 HiPure Tissue&Blood DNA 96 Kit 1 x 96 Preps $298.00
D311702 HiPure Tissue&Blood DNA 96 Kit 4 x 96 Preps $995.00


Blood samples contain rich DNA, including mitochondrial DNA, genomic DNA, circulating DNA (mostly released into blood after tumor cell apoptosis) in white blood cells, as well as parasitic viral or microbial DNA. These DNA are important parameters in clinical testing or diagnosis, which are also valuable materials for medical research. There are three main issues with extracting DNA from blood samples:

1. The sample is highly infectious, posing great harm to operators and the environment.

2. The source of DNA is complex and aportion of the nucleic acid, such as viral DNA or free DNA, may be lost during the operation, leading to downstream detection failure;

3. Blood sample contains a large amount of impurities and inhibitory factors.

Currently there are many methods available for extracting DNA from whole blood samples, such as phenol chloroform extraction, salting out method, etc. However, these methods require pre-treatment of blood sample, which removes red blood cells and isolate white blood cells in the first step. Due to the requirement that it cannot inactivate or kill pathogens during the process of removing red blood cells, the waste liquid (red blood cell lysate) and consumables may be contaminated by pathogens and become infectious, posing a danger to the entire laboratory environment and operators. In addition, during the process of removing red blood cells, useful nucleic acid information such as viruses, microorganisms, or circulating DNA is also lost, leading to experiment or detection failures.

The HiPure Blood DNA Kits series provided by Magen Company uses silica gel column purification technology, which can directly lyse whole blood samples without the need for white blood cell separation. Whole blood samples are directly mixed with lysates and proteases, resulting in the inactivation of pathogens, greatly reducing the infectivity, environmental pollution, and the chance of operators being infected. Due to the direct lysis and digestion of samples, except lymphocyte DNA, other circulating DNA as well as DNA from viruses and microorganisms, can also be recovered.

This product provides fast and easy methods for purification of total DNA for reliable PCR and Southern blotting. Total DNA (e.g., genomic, viral, mitochondrial) can be purified from tissue, whole blood, plasma, serum, buffy coat, bone marrow, other body fluids, lymphocytes, cultured cells.



Features Specifications
Main Functions Isolation total DNA from blood, tissue, culture cells, swab, blood spots using 96 plate
Applications PCR, southern bolt and virus detection, etc
Purification method 96 well plate
Purification technology Silica technology
Process method Manual (centrifugation or vacuum)
Sample type Blood, serum, plasma, milk, saliva, and other liquid samples and cultured cells
Sample amount
Elution volume
Time per run
Liquid carrying volume per column
Binding yield of column


This product is based on silica column purification. The sample is lysed and digested with lysate and protease, DNA is released into the lysate. Transfer to an adsorption column. Nucleic acid is adsorbed on the membrane, while protein is not adsorbed and is removed with filtration. After washing proteins and other impurities, Nucleic acid was finally eluted with low-salt buffer (10mm Tris, pH9.0, 0.5mm EDTA).


  • High quality DNA - meet a variety of downstream applications, including PCR, qPCR, enzyme digestion, hybridization, etc.
  • High throughput - 96 samples can be processed simultaneously

Kit Contents

Contents D311701 D311702
Purification Times 1 x 96 4 x 96
HiPure gDNA Plate 1 4
96 well Plate (2.2ml) 1 4
1.6ml Collection Plate 1 4
0.5ml Collection Plate 1 4
Silicon Seal Tape 1 4
Seal Film 5 25
Buffer ATL 30 ml 100 ml
Buffer AL 30 ml 100 ml
Buffer DW1 60 ml 250 ml
Buffer GW2 50 ml 2 x 100 ml
Proteinase K 50 ml 200 ml
Protease Dissolve Buffer 5 ml 15 ml
Buffer AE 30 ml 120 ml

Storage and Stability

Proteinase K should be stored at 2-8°C upon arrival. However, short-term storage (up to 12 weeks) at room temperature (15-25°C) does not affect their performance. The remaining kit components can be stored at room temperature (15-25°C) and are stable for at least 18 months under these conditions.

Purchase Guide


Sample amount

Leukocyte protocol*

Colum type

Elutio volume

Average yield

Time per run

HiPure Blood DNA Mini Kit D3111 10-200μl 1ml 2ml column ≥20μl 5-9μg/200μl ≤30 minutes
HiPure Tissue&Blood DNA Midi Kit D3113 0.2-2ml 10ml 1.5ml column ≥300μl 20-40μg/1m ≤80 minutes
HiPure Tissue&Blood DNA Maxi Kit D3115 3 -10ml 10ml 15ml column ≥700μl 20-40μg/1m ≤90 minutes
HiPure Tissue&Blood DNA 96 Kit D3117 1-200μl 1ml 96 well plate

*Note:Leukocyte protocol can be used when large volume whole blood samples need to be processed. Whole blood was treated with red blood cell lysate, and white blood cells were obtained by centrifugation before extraction

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Ⅰ. Purchase guide of Magen kits based on sample

Ⅱ. Cross purchase guide for Magen kits vs Other brands

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